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Chilis Reviews

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  • Very hot shrimp salid

    I ordered a salid i was asked if i wanted chicken with that or shrimp I said shrimp Who does not love shrimp !? Well the cook Must have gone out of his way to show me what shrimp were suppose to taste like. They were so hot with spice i just could not eat them. Shrimp, God made them delicious just the way they are !! No need to spice them up . Now i just don't trust the place.. Chills used to have great burgers with chilly well no more !!?? Change for the sake of change is stupid. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    pepper321's Picture   pepper321    0 Comments   Comments
  • Trussville Al

    Jan 3,2015 I ordered my food online. Went to pick it up and my order was wrong. The guy explained that it was kicked out the system for an unknown reason. I paid for my food online and he didn't seem to know what to do. Spoke with the manager and she didn't seem concerned at all jus stated it would be ready shortly. I asked if she could do anything regarding the long wait and inconvenience and she jus walked away and sent the guy to give us our food and never responded. Bad Service!! More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    April22's Picture   April22    1 Comments   Comments
  • Worst customer service I've ever had, ANYWHERE.

    My boyfriend and I have both been in the service industry for over 10 years now. We know better then to complain and we also never take a complaint to the level of writing an email. We frequently go to Chilis, and never have problems. We just moved to a new place and wanted chilis. Our experience was so terrible at the Chilis (1820 Gallatin Pike N in Madison Tennessee) that we had to say something. It was around 10pm when we got there, and I understand wanting to get your side work done so you can leave asap, but that should never cause you to not greet 2 customers sitting right in front of... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    tpappy's Picture   tpappy    0 Comments   Comments
  • chilis whitemarsh, MD- missing food from order & long wait time

    Hi- I'm not the type of person to submit complaints online & this is my first time because I find complaining to be quite annoying; but I'm submitting mine with a greater purpose. I hope that a staff member would read this & take this more as advice because I truly did have a rough experience 2 weeks ago. First, I know people complaining about something out of your control is so frustrating; I work in finance & deal with major incompetence all of the time. Some co- workers & I ordered food to go & the chilis is right across the street from the building we work... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Rojas22's Picture   Rojas22    0 Comments   Comments
  • Chili's deceives their customers

    As admirable as it may be that Chili's has their "causes", it is despicable that they drive their agenda through deceit. I was just "blocked" from Chili's FaceBook page, my commment removed which you can see here: "Chili's is becoming another Fox News outlet. I'm still incensed by their new policy of "no e-cigs permitted". It's fine that they have banned them. I get that...their choice, but...what is wrong is that they are telling their customers that the FDA has banned all e-cigs. This is an insult to customers who happen to be... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Chilis restaurant bartonsville PA

    Enter the review, complaint or question here and add detail so the Business can improve and reply to you through MeasuredUp. I went to chilis last week in bartonsville pa and the wall next to me had dried salsa that looked like vomit that's been there for weeks I have a picture but doubt I can post it here. Then one of our appitzer plates had a sharp chip in it , also all three of our glasses were dirty and the food tasted horrible I just learned everything is pretty much microwave and steaks r not even cooked on the grill. Our server Corey was exceptional one of the most helpful and... More...
    Adamx's Picture   Adamx    0 Comments   Comments
  • service

    Chilis at Victoria Texas has a horrible service. My family and I have walked out without ordering multiple times. They will give you a seat but it will take forever to serve you, even on a slow day. The management needs to do something about it. Most waitresses will see you but will not entertain. It's a shame, good food but horrible service. Everywhere else they have good service and good food but not in Victoria. More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Kring22's Picture   Kring22    0 Comments   Comments

    My boyfriend took me out to Chilis last night for my 26th birthday. Being that i was rushing out of the house I made the mistake of leaving my wallet at home, which had my ID in it. The waiter refused to serve me any drinks because she said that I didn't "LOOK" old enough to drink. She didn't ask anyone at the table next to us for their ID which I thought was bs. My boyfriend ordered a drink which he gave to me and the waitress came over starting a big freakin fuss, basically saying that she couldn't serve me and alcohol. Mind you it was my birthday and I forget... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    nesslee87's Picture   nesslee87    0 Comments   Comments
  • Chilis - No service

    Horrible experience at Chilis in Sandusky - they wouldn't serve us. Started out ok, but when we asked to be moved to a table that wasn't blasting freezing air, they did move us then ignored us for 30 minutes we sat there not even getting water. We watched as they sat, waited and served another couple at our original freezing table. We walked out and another family was right behind us with the same complaint. Steer clear... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Brassybec's Picture   Brassybec    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad experience

    On Aug 13th my husband and I went to the Chilis located in Houma, LA (70360). I had to talk my husband into going because he had eaten there a few months ago and was very unimpressed with the service and the food. I wanted to try the "two for $20 ribs" so I told him we should go to dinner early so it would not be busy and see if he had a better experience. We entered the restaurant a few minutes after 4pm. We were told by the hostess (who never once smiled) there would be a 15-20 min wait. To my left I could see 10 tables, some clean, some just needed to be wiped down and some... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
  • Chilis review

    Write a review, complaint or questions about Chilis. You could get answers directly from employees that work there. If you have tried Chilis have a question about them or want to recommend one then you need to make sure others know about it. MeasuredUp has the consumer audience and tools that gives you that power. MeasuredUp is partnered with leading companies that work with us to improve their customer service, manage online reputation and increase search engine ranking. Hundreds of thousands of consumers use us and share advice with each other to help get solutions or get the word... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    measuredup's Picture   measuredup    0 Comments   Comments
  • Chilis

    Chili's please “Claim your company name” on and use our Free “Direct Connect” tools to answer your customers questions, and complaints as well as manage online reputation. You can learn more about how to claim your name and our Direct Connect tools at Fortune 500 and as well as small companies partner with MeasuredUp and use our Free tools to augment their customer service, manage online reputation and build loyalty. If you found this message then you know how important... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    measuredup's Picture   measuredup    0 Comments   Comments
  • My husband and I went for lunch...

    My husband and I went for lunch to Chili's in Lake Mary, the service is ALWAYS slow, but we really wanted fajitas so decided to go for it anyway. We waited for 30 minutes after the waiter took our order and actually had to get up to go find him. When I asked about our food he said that it would be right up, I reminded him that we had already been waiting 30 minutes and he did not even apologize. Another 15 minutes went by, still no food. This time I waived him down and he again said any minute, and NO APOLOGY. At this point my husband just wanted to leave, but we still had not paid for... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Heather's Picture   Heather    0 Comments   Comments

Chilis Reviews By Product

Chilis Comments

weedie says: (4 years ago)
Route 17 South, Paramus NJ. The food was terrible!!...3 courses...everything tasted microwaved and arrived either cold or barely warm...L-O-N-G wait between courses, "attended" by a disinterested wait-person. We spent over $71.00 and left your restaurant feeling cheated. Enchiladas salty but otherwise tasteless...steak was cold and tough. I wrote a more detailed review of our visit to your restaurant, above. I hope you take that as well as the other unsatisfied reviews I see and change your methods. Apparently what happened to us many others experienced as well.

boats818 says: (5 years ago)
regarding the poor quality of food i received from your Chilis in Ft Lauderdale Airport.
First off, the waitress was slow...that happens and i was in no rush.
I ordered a beer and a Bacon Cheese burger with Fries....the burger arrived barely warm as was the fries...the cheese looked old, dry as if it was sitting on that burger in the sun. I eat at Chilis often as my kids love it...i have never had a bad meal at Chilis...seems as though they are pre cooking stuff and serving it to customers as they need....i am not going to hold this against you...this complaint was more of a heads up to Chilis in that perhaps one of your locations is not following standards you set

Davis2012 says: (5 years ago)
My husband and I had a terrible experience at our local Chilis in Columbus, Indiana. Our food did not come the way we ordered it, our waitress complained to us about her job, our drinks did not come out in time. It was terrible. When I said something to the manager he did not apologize, however he said we would get a discount. Once we finally receive our bill we were overcharged! Needless to say, I will never give my money to this establishment ever again!

Nomorechili says: (6 years ago)
Went to eat at Chili's. The service was good but the food was extremely salty even when we asked the waiter beforehand. The guacamole appeared to have been salted during the serving process since part of it was highly salted and parts of it were not. The steak appeared to have been soaked in a salted solution prior to cooking and was again highly salted. This is definitely our last time at Chili's in fact TGIF's menu is lighly and sometimes not salted at all and edible.

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